Weekend Inspiration

1.  Halloween is right around the corner!  If you are in need of some decorating inspiration, here are 60 ideas for dressing up your pumpkins!


2.  If you’re hosting a halloween themed get-together, here’s a simple recipe for some pumpkin-shaped deviled eggs.  These oeur d’oeuvres are adorable and such a quick fix.  Besides, who doesn’t love deviled eggs?


3. For most of us, it’s inevitable; Cold weather means overlooking extra weight that slips on to keep us warm. It’s easy to let go of our trim physiques when we’re no longer bikini-clad.  Since Halloween usually means revealing costumes, try some Yoga exercises to stay toned a little while longer.  I’ve recently been going to a yoga studio, but as we all know, those aren’t always affordable.  Try these exercises at home and create your own yoga routine!

yoga thumb (Mobile)

Have a lovely weekend!! Do some yoga! decorate some pumpkins!! Ciao for now!


{Valleys of Venus}