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Another small glimpse into our lives. Everything from fashion week, our rooftop, kayaking, small gigs, comedy shows, Lady Gaga, visitors, karaoke, street art, Brooklyn, Central Park, and Miley Recreations.

If you’re curious about what we were doing in the Miley parts, check out this link: http://instagram.com/p/eQ4ifeIiSB/

Music: Empire of the Sun – Alive


{Valleys of Venus}


Auspicious Autumn

With the promise of an amazing fall in the air, we have officially begun digging out our winter’s finest. We’ve always loved a well balanced mixture of men and women’s wear with subtle pops to add character. Pairing bold prints with a bit of an oversized men’s sweater creates a not-too-casual look that’s good for any occasion. We complemented the blue in the pants with a soft pink and added a nice feminine flat to finish off the look. (click to enlarge photos)

Get the look: Sweater-J. Crew Men’s; Pants-Forever 21 (Similar Here); Flats-Dolce Vita; Necklace-Forever 21; Tank-Forever 21

Don’t be afraid to browse the men’s section next time your in a store. You never know what you’ll find!


{Valleys of Venus}

Take a Hike!

“Live in each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influence of the earth.” 

– Henry David Thoreau

ImageImageImageImageAs June approaches, the weather has been getting hot, hot and hotter.  Most people enjoy laying by the pool to sunbathe but I personally find solace in higher altitudes, where the air is still a little crisp (my preference for cold weather makes me an anomaly down here).  With my time in Tennessee trickling down to its last days, I couldn’t think of a better way to appreciate this land than to hike the Smokies!  These pictures were taken at Clingman’s Dome and Abrams Fall. There are an infinite amount of trails. If you’re ever in the Smokies, check out http://www.hikinginthesmokys.com and find a good hike!



{Valleys of Venus}

Getting Lost Along the Way

With the foreboding demise of our college career and inevitable plunge into antiquity that comes with turning 23 in the rearview mirror (or almost for me-May 28th), we decided to make our last summer as “college students” one that helps heal our post graduate malaise through an abundance of adventure. My summer was initiated with a week long road trip through Washington, British Columbia, and Idaho. Mother nature was at her finest, and I enjoyed every moment of exploring the city streets of Seattle and Vancouver and getting lost in the back woods of the west coast. Unlike most college graduates who move so quickly to find a job and figure out what’s next, I hope to use the next couple months not only to figure out what I’m meant to do with my life, but also to get lost a few times along the way. Sometimes it takes risk to find your true calling, and before I set myself on a solid path, I aim to ensure I’ve explored my options-In the end we will only regret the chances we didn’t take!

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Where will your Summer adventures take you?



{Valleys of Venus}