Nobody Allowed, Stay on Roof

Thanks to our foreign landlords, we can twist the meaning of the sign posted on the door to our apartment rooftop. Yes, we understand that frolicking on the roof makes us a liability, but hey, the sign could suggest we are granted permission. Even though we’ve almost exhausted our awesome 360 degree city view, we found some ways to make use of our illegal rooftop once more! ūüôā

With the commencement of October comes pumpkin flavored everything (beer is our favorite), crisp strolls through central park, and warm fabric tones.  Since fall weather can be a bit bipolar, find ways to make seemingly summer pieces work by throwing on tights, a beanie, or adding boots. This ensures that you are season appropriate but also unlikely to have a heat stroke on the warm days. At night, add a leather jacket, blazer, or cardigan to deal with the chill, and your outfit is officially fall-proof. (click to enlarge photos)

Get the look: Dress-BCBGeneration (try this one); Boots-Steve Madden (similar here); Beanie-Zara; Leather Jacket-Zara; Bracelets-Mixture of Vintage, Forever 21, and Target


{Valleys of Venus}


Auspicious Autumn

With the promise of an amazing fall in the air, we have officially begun digging out our winter’s finest. We’ve always loved a well balanced mixture of men and women’s wear with subtle pops to add character. Pairing bold prints with a bit of an oversized men’s sweater creates a not-too-casual look that’s good for any occasion. We complemented the blue in the pants with a soft pink and added a nice feminine flat to finish off the look. (click to enlarge photos)

Get the look: Sweater-J. Crew Men’s; Pants-Forever 21 (Similar Here); Flats-Dolce Vita; Necklace-Forever 21; Tank-Forever 21

Don’t be afraid to browse the men’s section next time your in a store. You never know what you’ll find!


{Valleys of Venus}

Fashion Week

Oh wouldn’t it be lovely to be invited to the ever renowned Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Until that day comes, we’ll resort to awkwardly creeping on models, designers, and other fashionable elite as they enter and exit the runway shows, because lets face it, we have no shame in our game.

Day 1- Lincoln Center

We spent the day outside Lincoln Center scoping out trends for Fall.  Mixing graphic tees and menswear with feminine accents seems to be a popular look this season.  We also noticed an abundance of leather in all forms including shirts, dresses and skirts.

Day 2- Highline and Milk Studios

We walked down to MILK Studios, a hotspot for fashion presentations, where we happened to stumble upon the Man Repeller, Leandra Medine.  She may be known for her outlandish attire and witty tongue but she was gorgeous in person and adorned in a chic, all white post-labor day garment.

Day 3- Back at Lincoln Center

Street style galore can sum up our Sunday back at Lincoln Center. ¬†Eccentric hair styles were all the rage. ¬†From pink bob cuts to serious fringe, if you’ve ever considered chopping your locks and going wild, now is the time to do it. ¬†On a second note, we spotted the infamous Janice Dickinson. I’m sure you all remember her as the highly opinionated America’s Next Top Model judge.

That’s all for our rookie weekend, stay tuned for more fashion week excitement!


{Valleys of Venus}

From the Smokies to the Big Apple

I finally took the plunge and moved to NYC with 3 roommates (Maria being one, of course), next months rent, a college degree, and a whole lot of hope. Thus far my experience has been an uncanny mix of awe and panic. The potential beauty of life here in the city is limitless, but getting there is definitely stressful. For now all I can do is email, email, email and apply, apply, apply while hoping this Hail Mary doesn’t place me in a premature grave. I already find myself looking forward to future times when I can reminisce on the days my gypsy soul encouraged me to take tremendous risks and stretch my boundaries. I have no doubt that things will fall into place–after all, I am a persistent person with the belief that all good things come in time–but patience has never really been my virtue. Being the first in your family to graduate college and leave your home state makes for an interesting tale, and I hope to have an amazing story and enough experiences to last a lifetime by the end of this crazy journey. As my first week as a New Yorker comes to a close, I’m excited to see what adventures are in store!

 Granny and Zane 



{Valleys of Venus}

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Being a New Yorker-My One Month Anniversary

The mark of my one month anniversary as a Manhattanite is in a mere 2 days. Ok, so I probably shouldn’t call myself a Manhattanite yet, but I like to pretend that I’ve been here longer than I actually have. Even though there are moments I would love to do nothing but stand in the street and gawk at the breathtaking highrises, I will admit that I don’t, in fear of appearing as a vexatious tourist.


This is my inevitable post, a few things I’ve observed in my first month:

1. FLOWERS. EVERYWHERE. and I love it! Why does no one else mention this awesome attribute of the city? (practically) Every corner of every block is lined with beautiful flourishes. With my early 20’s budget, I obviously can’t afford the luxury of maintaining fresh flowers at home, but I’ve already decided, when I’m a grown up, there will always be a vase of blooming peonies in my living room.

2. No one does their own laundry. No one goes to pick up their own take out.¬† Hell, many people don’t even walk their own dogs. In fact, my friend is paid $25 an hour to walk dogs. I can definitely get used to this.

3. speaking of dogs, I can’t remember the last time I saw a mutt. Manhatannites are pretentious about their canines.¬† I’ve recently developed what I call frenchie fever, as in, I want a french bulldog so bad, it’s painful seeing them.¬† They’re everywhere and they’re so cute, I can’t stand it. one day…

4. If you need an apartment for August 1st, you should probably start looking around July 25th. Real Estate here really is unlike anywhere else.¬† If you find an apartment, that application better be submitted within a few hours or you’re likely out of luck. competition, competition, competition.

5. Brunch is the most essential meal of the week.¬† If your budget only allows you to eat out sparingly, save it for brunch. Lower east side, Hell’s Kitchen, Astoria, Brooklyn…basically every neighborhood/borough will brag about their impressive brunch spots. The best part? $25 unlimited mimosas/bloody marys/ you know….we take sunday funday seriously.

6. New yorkers aren’t rude, you’ve got it wrong. There’s a difference between being rude and being rude to tourists.¬† Don’t mix the two.¬† Imagine your city being overran by a surplus of foreign transplants who delay your day. you wouldn’t like it either.¬† Having an office anywhere near Times Square sounds like a horrific nightmare.

7. The concrete jungle is just that. a jungle of concrete. It doesn’t matter whether its 80 degrees or 97 degrees, it’s just plain HOT. thank you humidity, thank you concrete, and thank you skyscrapers for trapping in hot air. On the plus side, the ephemeral breeze of the subway train as it runs by is a little bit of heaven.

8. FOOD. need I say more? anything you can possibly imagine. not only is it here, it stays open late AND delivers…most of the time.¬† The abundance of delectable cuisines is never ending.¬† I find myself in a constant state of comatose from overeating (which is fine because I walk an insane amount). I don’t know that I’ll ever eat at the same restaurant twice…but really.¬† The Kosher delis have sandwiches to die for.¬† Any type of ethnic food is usually authentic. you simply can’t beat it.

9. The little boys that breakdance on the subways.¬† At this point in my early adulthood, I’m in no position to fork over cash to the homeless.¬† I struggle enough to make ends meet in this ridiculously expensive town. The¬† breakdancing boys though….you can’t resist but to give them a little something.¬† Not only are they talented, they’re so young and adorable. You can’t say no.¬† It’s one of the endearing charms of the city, where else do you see 9 year old kids preforming in a train unchaperoned?

10. Endless amounts of fun, the hankering for great success, the constant motivation to climb to the top. Jay-Z did say, “If I can make it here, I can make it anywhere.”¬† There are many people who would never in their right mind move to New York; The hustle and bustle, the wreaking smells and crowds, the constant traffic and noise, blah blah blah. Here’s how I look at it, I live in a city with some 8 million of the most talented people in the world. You must constantly strive for success, or you’ll be pushed out of here in no time.¬† How can I not love this place?¬† For the first time in 23 years, I’ve never felt more alive.¬† You have to be a little crazy to live here, and that’s how it should be.¬† With all the characters I meet, everyday is an adventure, everyday is exciting, and I wake up everyday eager to explore.¬† If you want to live life on the edge, move to the city.¬† NEW YORK, I LOVE YOU!



{Valleys of Venus}