Ode to Bohemia

Remember when gauchos were a trendy item?  Those glorious flowy capris that made practically anyone look short and stumpy? Hippies have always been known to wear wide-legged pants, but mainstreaming this style was an aesthetic disaster.  I try not to cringe when pondering on my past fashion faux pas. all I can say is, I hope the comfort of those  gaucho pants was worth my unsightly appearance.


Well, it’s been a decade since Gauchos were in style and seasonal fads are once again emulating bohemian trends. Hippie culture never fails to infiltrate pop culture. Lets face it, we all wish we were that free-spirited and effortlessly put together.  But no worries, this time, these bohemian inspired pants are actually flattering!  cheers to bohemia, Meet the Palazzo pant.

                         IMG_6914 IMG_6927



{Valleys of Venus}