In Need of Inspiration

After an extremely long week here in the city, I found myself in need of inspiration instead of offering it up this weekend. There’s nothing like a long walk in the village to clear your head. The street art, incredible stores, people out and about, and proximity to my favorite view of the city (Brooklyn Bridge park) makes me smile every time. Here are a few photos from my village exploration and Brooklyn Bridge area:

Hope you had an amazing weekend.


{Valleys of Venus}


Weekend Inspiration

1.  Halloween is right around the corner!  If you are in need of some decorating inspiration, here are 60 ideas for dressing up your pumpkins!


2.  If you’re hosting a halloween themed get-together, here’s a simple recipe for some pumpkin-shaped deviled eggs.  These oeur d’oeuvres are adorable and such a quick fix.  Besides, who doesn’t love deviled eggs?


3. For most of us, it’s inevitable; Cold weather means overlooking extra weight that slips on to keep us warm. It’s easy to let go of our trim physiques when we’re no longer bikini-clad.  Since Halloween usually means revealing costumes, try some Yoga exercises to stay toned a little while longer.  I’ve recently been going to a yoga studio, but as we all know, those aren’t always affordable.  Try these exercises at home and create your own yoga routine!

yoga thumb (Mobile)

Have a lovely weekend!! Do some yoga! decorate some pumpkins!! Ciao for now!


{Valleys of Venus}

{nyc} september

Another small glimpse into our lives. Everything from fashion week, our rooftop, kayaking, small gigs, comedy shows, Lady Gaga, visitors, karaoke, street art, Brooklyn, Central Park, and Miley Recreations.

If you’re curious about what we were doing in the Miley parts, check out this link:

Music: Empire of the Sun – Alive


{Valleys of Venus}

Weekend Inspiration

It’s finally Friday! As everyone’s busy week comes to a close, take time for adventure and inspiration this weekend. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

1. Find something artsy to spark your creativity. Whether it be a new exhibit, art fair, or just a walk down the street in your neighborhood, get out of the house and discover something that inspires you. If you’re in NYC, take a trip to Dumbo for their annual art festival. (Dumbo Art Festival)


2. With the changing seasons, we find ourselves needing a change in home decor as well. Create a gallery wall from art you have around your home or purchase something new. For a more DIY’d look create one out of magazine pages, old book covers, record albums, or any other material you find interesting. (Gallery Wall)


3. In honor of fall, bake up some pumpkin flavored goodies. Try these amazing Pumpkin Fritters with caramel sauce from Simply Delicious. (Pumpkin Fritters)


4. Experiment with this fall’s fashion trends, and go for a look outside of your norm. Whether it be the wide brim fedora or leather pants, make a statement. You never know what you can pull off until you try it out! (Wide Brim Fedora)


5. Since it’s time to pull out last year’s winter clothing, give your old sweaters a face lift with this DIY by a pair & a spare. Everyone could use a little sparkle. (DIY Elbow Patch)


Have an amazing weekend!


{Amber & Maria}

Here’s To New Beginnings

The moment we part ways with the “imaginary” world of college and become newbies of the real world is imminent. In a recent nostalgic spill, we asked ourselves, where have the last 5 years gone?!!! and none of us could come up with a solid answer. Yes, everyone says it but really, its BIZZARE how time flys. With this revelation (which we’re clearly behind on), we decided, what better way to chronicle our impending explorations and thoughts than with a blog?! We want to retrospect some day and commemorate the good times or laugh at our fashion faux pas. Either way, as life pulls us in unexpected directions in the years to come, this will be the perfect place to seal our memories. Being three girls (soon to be) roaming three cities, there’s sure to be an abundance to share! stay tuned friends!!


Maria & Amber

{Valleys of Venus}