Nobody Allowed, Stay on Roof

Thanks to our foreign landlords, we can twist the meaning of the sign posted on the door to our apartment rooftop. Yes, we understand that frolicking on the roof makes us a liability, but hey, the sign could suggest we are granted permission. Even though we’ve almost exhausted our awesome 360 degree city view, we found some ways to make use of our illegal rooftop once more! ūüôā

With the commencement of October comes pumpkin flavored everything (beer is our favorite), crisp strolls through central park, and warm fabric tones.  Since fall weather can be a bit bipolar, find ways to make seemingly summer pieces work by throwing on tights, a beanie, or adding boots. This ensures that you are season appropriate but also unlikely to have a heat stroke on the warm days. At night, add a leather jacket, blazer, or cardigan to deal with the chill, and your outfit is officially fall-proof. (click to enlarge photos)

Get the look: Dress-BCBGeneration (try this one); Boots-Steve Madden (similar here); Beanie-Zara; Leather Jacket-Zara; Bracelets-Mixture of Vintage, Forever 21, and Target


{Valleys of Venus}


Weekend Inspiration

It’s finally Friday! As everyone’s busy week comes to a close, take time for adventure and inspiration this weekend. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

1. Find something artsy to spark your creativity. Whether it be a new exhibit, art fair, or just a walk down the street in your neighborhood, get out of the house and discover something that inspires you. If you’re in NYC, take a trip to Dumbo for their annual art festival. (Dumbo Art Festival)


2. With the changing seasons, we find ourselves needing a change in home decor as well. Create a gallery wall from art you have around your home or purchase something new. For a more DIY’d look create one out of magazine pages, old book covers, record albums, or any other material you find interesting. (Gallery Wall)


3. In honor of fall, bake up some pumpkin flavored goodies. Try these amazing Pumpkin Fritters with caramel sauce from Simply Delicious. (Pumpkin Fritters)


4. Experiment with this fall’s fashion trends, and go for a look outside of your norm. Whether it be the wide brim fedora or leather pants, make a statement. You never know what you can pull off until you try it out! (Wide Brim Fedora)


5. Since it’s time to pull out last year’s winter clothing, give your old sweaters a face lift with this DIY by a pair & a spare. Everyone could use a little sparkle. (DIY Elbow Patch)


Have an amazing weekend!


{Amber & Maria}

Auspicious Autumn

With the promise of an amazing fall in the air, we have officially begun digging out our winter’s finest. We’ve always loved a well balanced mixture of men and women’s wear with subtle pops to add character. Pairing bold prints with a bit of an oversized men’s sweater creates a not-too-casual look that’s good for any occasion. We complemented the blue in the pants with a soft pink and added a nice feminine flat to finish off the look. (click to enlarge photos)

Get the look: Sweater-J. Crew Men’s; Pants-Forever 21 (Similar Here); Flats-Dolce Vita; Necklace-Forever 21; Tank-Forever 21

Don’t be afraid to browse the men’s section next time your in a store. You never know what you’ll find!


{Valleys of Venus}

In Honor of Those Lost

Today is a day for all who call this nation home to reflect on the rights and privileges we have been given and pay our respect to those who have given their lives in order for us to do so. On this day 12 years ago, nearly 3,000 people lost their lives in a horrific act of terror, and in their honor, we will be spending our first September 11th as New Yorkers thinking of them and rocking our red, white, and blue. We will never forget!

(all photos found via Google search)


{Valleys of Venus}

Fashion Week

Oh wouldn’t it be lovely to be invited to the ever renowned Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Until that day comes, we’ll resort to awkwardly creeping on models, designers, and other fashionable elite as they enter and exit the runway shows, because lets face it, we have no shame in our game.

Day 1- Lincoln Center

We spent the day outside Lincoln Center scoping out trends for Fall.  Mixing graphic tees and menswear with feminine accents seems to be a popular look this season.  We also noticed an abundance of leather in all forms including shirts, dresses and skirts.

Day 2- Highline and Milk Studios

We walked down to MILK Studios, a hotspot for fashion presentations, where we happened to stumble upon the Man Repeller, Leandra Medine.  She may be known for her outlandish attire and witty tongue but she was gorgeous in person and adorned in a chic, all white post-labor day garment.

Day 3- Back at Lincoln Center

Street style galore can sum up our Sunday back at Lincoln Center. ¬†Eccentric hair styles were all the rage. ¬†From pink bob cuts to serious fringe, if you’ve ever considered chopping your locks and going wild, now is the time to do it. ¬†On a second note, we spotted the infamous Janice Dickinson. I’m sure you all remember her as the highly opinionated America’s Next Top Model judge.

That’s all for our rookie weekend, stay tuned for more fashion week excitement!


{Valleys of Venus}

Ode to Bohemia

Remember when gauchos were a trendy item?  Those glorious flowy capris that made practically anyone look short and stumpy? Hippies have always been known to wear wide-legged pants, but mainstreaming this style was an aesthetic disaster.  I try not to cringe when pondering on my past fashion faux pas. all I can say is, I hope the comfort of those  gaucho pants was worth my unsightly appearance.


Well, it’s been a decade since Gauchos were in style and seasonal fads are once again emulating bohemian trends. Hippie culture never fails to infiltrate pop culture. Lets face it, we all wish we were that free-spirited and effortlessly put together. ¬†But no worries, this time, these bohemian inspired pants are actually flattering! ¬†cheers to bohemia, Meet the Palazzo pant.

                         IMG_6914 IMG_6927



{Valleys of Venus}


There are those items that will never look outdated. Items that have withstood time. ¬†Beginning with the ubiquitous little black dress, among these are fur, leather, trench coats, white button-ups and black pumps. ¬†While all of these necessities can come with a high price, it’s remarkably easy to avoid this problem. ¬†Here’s a simple solution: if it never goes out of style, what’s the harm in snatching a deal from last season? Lets be honest, who’s going to notice your wearing a pair of last year’s black pumps that you found on the 75% off rack?

 Timeless 3 Timeless 2

Inspiration via Pinterest


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Fall’s Final Run

Although February is renowned for love, cupid, and all things pink, red, and sparkly, it also brings Fashion Week and the rapid acceleration into spring apparel. Bathing suits enter stores as sweaters go on clearance. This fall and winter, it was nearly impossible to escape the color red, but as the fall and winter red slowly fades to this year’s spring colors, it’s time to take those reds out for their final run.

Blog Kate Moss Red Blog 2

Red Inspiration via Pinterest


{Valleys of Venus}