From the Smokies to the Big Apple

I finally took the plunge and moved to NYC with 3 roommates (Maria being one, of course), next months rent, a college degree, and a whole lot of hope. Thus far my experience has been an uncanny mix of awe and panic. The potential beauty of life here in the city is limitless, but getting there is definitely stressful. For now all I can do is email, email, email and apply, apply, apply while hoping this Hail Mary doesn’t place me in a premature grave. I already find myself looking forward to future times when I can reminisce on the days my gypsy soul encouraged me to take tremendous risks and stretch my boundaries. I have no doubt that things will fall into place–after all, I am a persistent person with the belief that all good things come in time–but patience has never really been my virtue. Being the first in your family to graduate college and leave your home state makes for an interesting tale, and I hope to have an amazing story and enough experiences to last a lifetime by the end of this crazy journey. As my first week as a New Yorker comes to a close, I’m excited to see what adventures are in store!

 Granny and Zane 



{Valleys of Venus}

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