Here’s To New Beginnings

The moment we part ways with the “imaginary” world of college and become newbies of the real world is imminent. In a recent nostalgic spill, we asked ourselves, where have the last 5 years gone?!!! and none of us could come up with a solid answer. Yes, everyone says it but really, its BIZZARE how time flys. With this revelation (which we’re clearly behind on), we decided, what better way to chronicle our impending explorations and thoughts than with a blog?! We want to retrospect some day and commemorate the good times or laugh at our fashion faux pas. Either way, as life pulls us in unexpected directions in the years to come, this will be the perfect place to seal our memories. Being three girls (soon to be) roaming three cities, there’s sure to be an abundance to share! stay tuned friends!!


Maria & Amber

{Valleys of Venus}


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